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Elite Defence Academy International is an entirely independent South African-based Krav Maga training group. Although we have received training and ranking  from several highly ranked Israeli Krav Maga authorities in the past, as well as several other respected combatives and martial arts instructors worldwide, our emphasis is on what works in the relevant urban context right now. That means quite a bit:

  • You get absolute peace of mind, knowing that you’re getting the very best professional training in the world – effective, safe, and no-nonsense. We’re not constricted by tradition or a misplaced sense of loyalty, and do not simply do things because some or other “grandmaster” did them seventy years ago (or is necessarily doing them today in Israel or any other part of the world). As crime and violence evolves, so do our techniques, in the most effective, realistic and practical ways possible.


  • With years of of practical, on-the-ground Krav Maga experience and expertise, we have unique insight into the challenges and threats faced by ordinary men and women on a daily basis. These are very different to the challenges faced by people living in war zones – for example, you may be concerned about home invasions, muggings and carjackings as opposed to dealing with homemade rockets and suicide bombers blowing themselves up. So, we’re very careful about relying on one-dimensional “expert” advice from people who don’t embrace a balanced view and analysis of what actually happens on the ground in your particular context or country. We understand that limited thinking could very well cost people their lives.


  • We embrace the true spirit of Krav Maga – a spirit of learning, refining, and evolving. The moment anyone falls into the trap of becoming single-minded and dependent on a single “system”, or only one “right way” to apply practical self defense, they stagnate, and lose the capacity to learn and improve. That’s why we’ll never stop learning and growing!


  • We adhere to strict standards of protocol, training standards, and professionalism. All of our instructors are highly skilled and constantly undergo advanced training themselves.